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Hey there!

At Gold Coast Sports Physio, we have been tirelessly sifting through our notes, enquiries and new client feedback forms and we were shocked!

So many people are struggling with pain and injury on the Gold Coast. They are in pain, missing out on what they want to do, and only getting slight relief from what they have been trying instead of long term relief and gaining back control.

They are stuck in pain, knowing that something needs to change, but not knowing how to turn it around. Stuck in a rut and getting worse everyday. Their professional and personal lives are suffering… It is awful.

It is killing us to see so many people on the Gold Coast battling with pain and injury when some of our clients are getting pain relief in as quick as 20 minutes, and staying pain free.

Gold Coast Sports Physio needed to take action and do something practical to help, so we are going all out and have created our Amazing ‘Fast Track to Pain Free’ Expert Session. It is a private one on one ‘get together’, designed to show you how much of a difference we can make in the limited time that we have and guide you to pain relief.


In this limited availability Expert Session, you’ll;

  • Get crystal clear information about what’s causing your pain, the sort of relief you will expect, and what activities you will be able to get back to enjoying fast.

  • Find out the 3 essential exercises that will get you moving and pain free sooner.

  • Discover the No.1 factor contributing to your pain.

  • Leave the the session with the confidence of knowing EXACTLY what to do to get out of pain, FINALLY.


It will be short (~20 minutes, tops) and it’ll get you moving forward fast.

If you are on the Gold Coast, then there’s only a handful of spots available.

If you know there’s another way, and you’re sick and tired of the generic treatments that don’t work.

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