Damian Punchard

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Damian Punchard has completed his Bachelor of Exercise Science as well as a Graduate Diploma in Exercise Physiology. Damian is a current the Member of Exercise & Sport Science Australia.

Suburbs: Parkwood | Ashmore | Arundal | Southport | Labrador | Runaway Bay | Nerang

A brief intro from Damian Punchard:
“I’m so sick of PAIN!!!! So I thought I’d try get rid of it for as many people as possible. The silly thing is, the vast majority of pain can be relieved fairly easily (with the right help of course) but we tend to think that pain as something that we just have to live with. I really don’t think a life of pain is anyway to live so I have studied the mechanics of the body extensively. This has given me insight into how to get you moving optimally with as little pain as possible (hopefully none). I believe in an interactive and education approach to treatment. This allows you to understand your pain/injury more deeply and empower you to take control rather than blindly go through rehab with no explanation or reasoning. Not only will you be filled with confidence and be free of that dreaded pain, but you will also acquire the tools to keep yourself pain free and get back to enjoying the things you love!
I am constantly keeping up to date with new research and questioning the old ways of practice in the quest to find the most efficient treatment. I wholeheartedly believe in getting people moving pain free is my call in life. And my prescribed rehab process will be aimed at making all of your daily movements and activities pain free again, finally! This holistic approach focuses on more than just your injury, but how your pain has affected the way your move, think and behave.
I have been lucky enough to have some great experience as a health professional. I have worked with chronic pain specialists, GP’s, musculoskeletal specialists and many more health professions who have all given me invaluable information about how to approach clients from many different perspectives.
Apart from my work commitments I do actually have a life. I spend most of my weekends wakeboarding with my mates. It is super hard work physically and a 5 minute turn feels like an hour of gym work on your body, but it’s even harder to get the smile off my face after a great ride.
I very much look forward to helping as many of you as I can and if you want to touch base please shoot me through an email at and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.”
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