Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of Physiotherapy services and trusted advisor in
health and wellness for our lifelong clients.




Who are we

Gold Coast Sports Physio is multidisciplinary collective of therapists focused on providing optimal treatment and continuing care for our valued clients. By utilising current evidence based treatments and rehabilitation techniques, our gold coast physios and other therapists facilitate rapid recovery from injury and provide effective, longer lasting pain relief. Using our 3 core principles

We aim to provide superior Physiotherapy and related services to the Gold Coast region and surrounding areas. It is important for us to be the most respected and trusted provider of Physiotherapy, the number one go to, for all of your Sports Injury, Musculoskeletal and pain management needs

The GCSP Philosophy is based around the Biopsychosocial approach and integration of a multi-professional team. With GP’s, Nurses, Exercise Physiologists, Dieticians, Psychologists and Physiotherapists all working together to provide the optimal results. We believe that the human body is so complex that we need to take into consideration the mind, the body and the environment to achieve excellent results.

Our Expert Physiotherapists are at the heart of Gold Coast Sports Physio. They have all travelled a uniquely different but equally highly experienced careers. With these slight differences you are sure to find the perfect physio at Gold Coast Sports Physio

The Team


Kieran Spillane

Principle Physiotherapist

I really don’t like doing planks! They are uncomfortable, difficult to do and more importantly most of my clients find them boring. This aversion to the torturous exercise more than likely stems from having to do them as a 13 year old teenager, following an unfortunate accident where I fractured my back. Learn More


Donovan Baker

Associate Physiotherapist

I absolutely love it when someone looks at you and can move pain free finally! Knowing that you’ve guided them there is something special, and I have a passion for helping improve my client’s quality of life; whether it be through treatment, exercise or a bad joke! (be prepared for a whole lot of puns and dad jokes).
Learn More


Damian Punchard

Associate Exercise Physiologist

I’m so sick of PAIN!!!! So I thought I’d try get rid of it for as many people as possible. The silly thing is, the vast majority of pain can be relieved fairly easily (with the right help of course) but we tend to think that pain as something that we just have to live with.Learn More


Chris Pearson

Associate Exercise Physiologist



Grant Pokarier

Associate Exercise Physiologist


The GCSP Difference

It is no surprise that with our combined expert knowledge in physical therapies and rehabilitative medicine. That we uphold ourselves at the highest level of health professional standards. so much so that we have introduced the Gold Coast Sports Physio promise. This holds us to our own high quality of service and ensures constant delivery at an elite level of physiotherapy treatment to all of our clients

our promise

If we do not get results by the third session, we will find someone who will. Whether that be an acupuncturist, a Chiropractor or a GP… We will make sure that you receive the best care available to achieve your optimal outcome. .

Our Garauntee

Our Guarantee is simple. If you’re not 100% thrilled with your experience, we will refund your money and deliver your next session FREE with the next Senior Physiotherapist .